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Will you survive Covid-19?

I heard a conspiracy theory that Covid-19 was a cooperation between Bill Gates and Elon Musk to eliminate the dumb people on the planet.

Then there was one I dreamt of between my geometry teacher and Vladimir Putin (Russia is strong in math so they’d get along) to eliminate smartasses. I’m a goner if that one’s true. I wouldn’t put it past Putin, nor my geometry teacher.

The one I really want to believe is that the coronavirus was developed as a conspiracy between green aliens with fifteen eyes and John Oliver to eliminate everybody who didn’t cuss and have a sense of humor. They want to bring joy to this universe. I’d make it through that purge I'm pretty sure, but I’m making no claims on the Gates-Musk one.

How ‘bout you? Would you survive any of ‘em for sure?

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I heard that about Elon Musk and Bill Gates also, so I googled it. Turns out it's true. Waddya know.


WTF man

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