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     God Is a Mortician is an irreverent novel of political, religious, and sexual satire, written as absurdist sci-fi. A fast-moving, comedic drama told as a history lesson to the narrator’s son, there’s sex with Jesus, a strong white president who happens to be an albino gorilla, and three aliens from the planet Mortice who extract energy from the semi-intelligent Earthlings through religious worship.

     Bubba, who is God to the Jews and Christians, develops an addiction to Peruvian ceviche. Another Mortician, the beautiful Sho-Shota, falls in love with our human protagonist Miguel, the ceviche chef brought to heaven by God to serve the delicious dish for eternity. Threatened with eternal life in heaven’s kitchen, our human hero and his Mortician lover hijack a spacecraft and shag their way around the Milky Way with Butch, a Mortician pilot obsessed with alien reproductive habits. Big-balled brainiacs called Gonaddians oversee the Morticians, and ridiculous bit players mirror some of today’s political anti-heroes. The narrator’s son doubts the veracity of the history lesson, but his dad insists on its significance, and he’s inescapably drawn into the story.

     Readers say they’re reminded of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and have commented that the style and story resemble elements of Vonnegut and Hunter Thompson. With scorching commentary on organized religion, our broken political system, and humans’ trashing of this beautiful planet, there’s something ridiculous or disturbing on almost every page.

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