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From farm boy to wild ass hippie, smuggling pot, working the Mississippi. Later a family and responsibility, I learned a lot about human fragility. There's Innocence and banditry, there's tragedy and vanity. Tales of me, and tales of fiction, I tell it all without restriction.


Memoirs of the grown up Finn - starting from his college escapade across the country

finn on the farm

Stories full of boyhood adventures growing up on the family farm in Missouri.

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Memoir Stories: FLF
Rookie Reefer Cover Amazon.jpg

Rookie Reefer Bandidos

Finn spins a captivating memoir story about two college freshman with a wild ass drug smuggling scheme.

It’s the spring of 1970 and hippy culture is in full bloom.

After a road trip down Route 66 to Arizona in a ’55 Chevy, their plan is to import at least fifty pounds of marijuana from Mexico to Massachusetts over spring break.

If they make it, the pot smoking hippies could each make a cool couple of grand.

Plan B is prison.

Riverboat Rat Amazon cover.jpg

Finn Tames
the Riverboat Rat

Finn’s next job takes him out on the Mississippi where a redneck boss isn’t fond of long haired hippies. Will the first mate kick ‘Mary Jane’s’ ass, bust him for pot, or go home to find the donkey man who’s screwing his wife?

If Mark Twain were a baby boomer coming of age during the Vietnam War, maybe he'd have written about the adventures of Finn Briscoe. But since the great Missouri scribe is long gone, Finn himself is doing his best to carry on the literary tradition of his native state.

Billy Jewel cover Amazon.jpg

Billy Jewell and
the Fish

Another road trip in the Fun Loving Finn series, this one finds Finn and friends heading southeast from Missouri to Florida.

When their car breaks down in Atlanta and they're short on cash, they hole up at the Salvation Army and try to find a new ride while protecting the only possession anybody cares about: his friend Stan's fish.

Will these teenage hippies find a ride, get ripped off, or make it safely to Florida with the fish?


Finn Studies Spanish-final cover.jpg

Finn Studies Spanish

Finn just wants to communicate with the señoritas but gets a lot more in the bargain. In small towns set in splendor, whether in the mountains or by the sea, he is blessed with the friendship and hospitality of the Mexican people: honest, simple, and decent.

Up In Smoke cover Amazon.jpg

Work Ethic
Up In Smoke

Finn and Drew, partners from the Rookie Reefer Bandidos, hook up again, this time in Florida.

When they get on tying steel at a construction site in Delray Beach, it turns out most of their workmates are prisoners on daytime work release from the Florida State Penitentiary.

The boys live nearby and at lunch they all get high.

A good time is had by all. But every now and then, you can imagine that the work ethic...just...goes...up in smoke!

claudette on the caribean cover.jpg

Claudette on the Caribbean

Finn runs into Claudette and two friends while camping out on an island off the Mexican Caribbean a few years before Cancun even exists. She brings a slice of paradise with her into Finn's hammock, as the sand and the sea are the backdrop for two unforgettable weeks on Isla Mujeres and a pristine beach next to the coastal Mayan ruins of Tulum. Is paradise lost in the end or can the moment live forever in blissful memory?

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