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Book Club Questions: Billy Jewel/Fish/Vietnam Lottery

Updated: May 19, 2020

I sometimes disguise myself as a normal person and do something wild and crazy like join a book club. As a matter of fact, I'm in one now, and we have a great coordinator who brings a list of questions for us to talk about. So I decided to leave a few suggestions at the end of my last ebook, Billy Jewel and the Fish and the Vietnam Lottery.

I double-dog dare you to try the last one. It would create a fond memory!


1. Would you have spent all morning breathing oxygen into his plastic bag to keep the fish alive or flushed it down the toilet at the Salvation Army? Be honest. Personally, I woulda gone for the flush like I used to when I had too many guppies if Suzette hadn’t been there. Not everybody can be a decent human being all the time. That’s my excuse (sorry, guppies).

2. Have you ever been to an open-air farmer’s market for illegal drugs? Did you buy anything? If so, what? Was it good or were you damaged?

3. Do you have any idea why everything in Atlanta is named Peachtree? What's with that? Who knows another city that does that? Were you ever in a city where everything was named Dogwood or Cherrytree or Weeping Willow?

4. Do they still have open-air farmer’s markets for illegal drugs? If not, why?

5. Who’s your favorite character in the book? (a) Billy Jewel, (b) Finn, (c) Stan, (d) Suzette, (e) the tow-truck driver, (f) the nice-guy junkie, (f) the fish, or (g) Wally (where is he)? Discuss that character’s psychological development. Or forget that and just say why you like ‘em or hate ‘em or think they’re interesting but you wouldn’t get caught alone with ‘em.

6. Everybody put in five dollars and somebody take the money and buy two goldfish and a bowl. Take a secret poll with two questions: (1) have you ever eaten a goldfish, and (2) how many members of your book club will say they have eaten a goldfish? The winner of question (2) gets a bowl with a goldfish. The loser eats the other goldfish. In case of a tie, go buy enough bowls and goldfish so that all winners get to take one home in a bowl and all the losers eat a goldfish on the spot. This will make for a stimulating, high-brow book club discussion. If everybody says zero, it's a losers' tie and all must partake in piscatory peccadillo. If you feel guilty, just think about the last time you ate a really tasty seafood fillet: do you think your dinner liked being caught, murdered and filleted so that you could enjoy him or her with a garnish? No, so eat your goldfish.

—> If your book club is discussing something lighter (e.g., As I Lay Dying) or you don’t have a book club, feel free to leave your answers here.


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Finn Briscoe
Finn Briscoe
25. kesäk. 2020

Hi Finn, I think it would be a great idea if you created a book club. But maybe first you could just share a story with us loyal followers. It would be fun to know something about why you picked it for us or how you came about to write it.


Finn´s Fan

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