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Finn here. I write short stories and novels. Here’s what I usually say in a bio: A tech entrepreneur with a passion for Latin American fiction, who didn't make it big but did make it bust, I grew up on a farm but never sang "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" while skipping through fields of waving grain. At the age of eighteen, I began to wander across the border of legality to help finance an itinerant lifestyle and an education in Latin American literature. I found responsibility abruptly when my wife gave me the first of three wonderful gifts (our children). Scared of starving kids, I began studying engineering, cut my teeth in Silicon Valley, and eventually started a pirate telephone company. More successful and less risky than other illegal activities, it eventually died, but I didn’t.

That’s pretty stuffy, so let me make it quick: Shit happens!


My first novel is God Is A Mortician, which I call punk sci-fi. It's a book of religious, sexual, and political satire written around an improbable love story between a human and an extraterrestrial beauty, mocking the sci-fi genre itself. Then there are two series of creative nonfiction (fancy name for memoir with a twist).  The first is Fun Loving Finn, hippy adventure and humor that takes us back to the pot-smokin', rock 'n rollin' 1970s. The second one, Finn on the Farm, is composed of more poignant tales of the childhood adventures and misadventures of a boy growing up on a farm. Everything is written in a sardonic voice that Finn Briscoe just can't shake.


The two goals I have when I write are (1) enjoyability and (2) something to think about. I hope to give you as a reader the chance to find either or both in the pages published here.


If you care, my academic background includes a B.A. and an M.A. in Latin American Studies from Amherst College and UT-Austin, respectively, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas, leading me to become a multilingual techie in my professional life before embarking on my career as an author.


My short stories have been published in Calliope Literary Journal, Jokes Review, cc&d, and nagarimagazine.com, the latter in Spanish.

Here’s a drawing from my novel God Is A Mortician. Can you guess what’s going on here?

Big Bad Buck Sheep

There's a mean buck sheep on the loose, and Finn gets trapped in no-man's-land between the yard fence and the coal shed. That ram is born to butt and he's after Finn.

With his parents in town, city-slicker Uncle Rob is the only adult for miles around. Uncle Rob's initial reaction: "What am I supposed to do about that?"

Good clean fun on the farm ain't so much fun with the big bad buck sheep on the prowl.

Earning My Wages

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Captain Bob Visits the Farm

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