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Welcome to a Place of Creativity 
Finn Briscoe is an author spanning multiple genres - punk sci-fi, hilarious memoirs, and short stories.

Take Your Pick: They're all Fun and Feisty,
but something to think about too!
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Punk Sci-Fi

You better watch out,

you just might shout--

this is some crazy shit!
Click the dinosaur to read the synopsis.

Available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and other fine bookstores..


Short Stories

Magical realism and fantasy to serious fiction. Click on the photo--you'll find something fun or provocative or maybe even both. Or your money back!

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From farm boy and riverboats to drug smuggling hippie to border coyote to college and eventually some semblance of adulthood, whatever that is. Come along for a wild ride.

Click on the image to see the whole series.

Read Finn's Published Short Stories Here

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